The format is a 4 person scramble -*SHOTGUN START  1:30* (Sun Set is about 7:45 so we should get through our rounds in  6 hours)

You MUST use at least one (1) tee shot from every member of your team during the tournament.


You are not allowed to take higher than a Double-Bogey on any hole.  If you’re shooting higher than a Double-Bogey, and you are NOT keeping up with the team in front of you, pick up your ball and proceed to the next hole. If you are keeping up with the team in front of you, play it out, Just note, you don’t have to mark your Scorecard higher than a Double-Bogey.

Gentleman will be playing from the WHITE Tee’s, Ladies will be playing from the RED Tee's, and Seniors will be playing from the Senior Tee's

After the tournament your designated Team Captain must turn your final scorecard in.  You must have your name and one signature on your card AND your score must be totaled.  If not you will be disqualified from any prize money for placing in the tournament.  This was due a number of teams turning in incomplete scorecards in last years tournament.

Tim Stuewe Rule: A minimum of (1) one drink per 3 holes must be consumed by each team member.  (This is more of a guideline than a rule, so no penalty will be enforced, if team members do not meet the minimum)

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